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Dingle Bay Pano

Here is your Sky Watch Friday image.

Here is the complete view of the entrance into Dingle Bay from the back of the boat I was on while waiting for Fungie to arrive. You got a close up of the head land on the left in the previous Dingle Bay post.

A quick post tonight as I am packing the bags for Stockholm tomorrow. Have a good weekend all and talk again some time on Sunday.



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Here is your Watery Wednesday image.

As requested by a few bloggers from the last Watery Wednesday post a image of “Fungie” the Dolphin form Dingle.

For more info on Fungie Click the Link Here


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Howth Head 2

Here is your My World image.

We continue the walk around Howth Head. And as I said in the last post, you will see The Bailey Lighthouse. Ok it’s a bit small in this image. The above image was taken along the cliff walk and this path continues along the edge of the cliff towards the lighthouse. I did not get any closer to the lighthouse but will look in the vault to see if I have a better image for you tomorrow. From the lighthouse you continue walking north and will end up in Howth village and harbour.


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Howth Head

Here is your Monochrome Maniacs image.

Hot of the press. Just finished looking at the images taken today after a very sunny day here is Dublin. We went for a walk along the cliff walk from the Sutton side of Howth Head. Stopping off at a couple of locations to have lunch and a few photos.

In this image you can just make out a object above the rocks, which was a Coast Guard helicopter on a fly around the east coast. The walk continues along the cliffs on the left all the way around. Just around the corner you will be greeted to a view of The Bailey Lighthouse.


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Mallaranny Rocks

Here is your Scenic Sunday image.

This image was taken at the beach in Mallaranny, Co Mayo. You drive through this village on your way over to Achill Island. In this image you see the rocks which make up the best part of the beach when the tide is in. And in my case the tide was fully in. In the background across Clew Bay is Croagh Patrick and the surrounding mountains.
I have a question for you today. Can you tell me why, in your opinion, this image has sold well from my website?


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The Silent Valley

Here is your SkyWatch image.

The Silent Valley is located in The Mourne Mountains, Co Down, Northern Ireland, just a short 1.5 hour drive from where I live. I have being to this place many times but have not done the full walk. You can just about make out the path/road at the base of the mountain on the right. This will bring you to another dam between the two reservoirs. I am hoping to get up there some time this year and do the complete walk with the children (probability on their bikes) and hope to get more images of the Mourne Mountains.


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Dingle Bay

Here is your Watery Wednesday image.

I’m back, but more about that later. The above image was taken from the back of a boat in Dingle Bay. There is a story behind this which I will explain.

If you have being following my blog, you will know that one thing that I always say is to go back to a location over and over again. Well this is one location I returned back too, 7 years later mind you in this case. Dingle is famous for many things but one in particular is a dolphin called Fungie which pulls in the tourists by the boat load. You can go out on a boat and view Fungie as he does what dolphins do ( puts on a bit of a show ). Seven years ago I went out in such a boat with my then 3 year old daughter to see Fungie. At that stage digital cameras were starting to come on the market but at a price. So I had a Canon EOS 3 film camera with me which could go through a roll of film in 5 seconds.

My daughter was leaning over the edge of the boat and calling Fungie’s name when up he came and swam along side her. She was amazed at this and to this day is Dolphin mad. However I think I stole the show on this boat trip. Why? Well everybody on the boat had one of the small compact film camera at the time which took one shot every hour so to speak. For them to hear and see a camera in full motion and me going through 5 rolls of film in the space of 2mins was unbelievable.

To bring the story up to date, my daughter wanted to go back and see Fungie for her 10 birthday this year. So back at the start of May while down in Killarney we drove out to Dingle and went out in the boats again to see Fungie. And to his credit, Fungie puts on his show for the tourists. This time I around with the age of digital, I was able to get the images and view them on the camera to make sure I had got the image. While waiting around for Fungie to surface I was able to take a couple of images of the surrounds, which the image above was.

When I got back home and looked through the files from that day I was surprised to see how good the images taken from the boat were. My usual landscape workflow of setting up tripods and ND Grad filters, test exposures etc…. not this time. Hand held on a boat going from side to side, high ISO makes you stop and think?

As you might have seen, no posting for the past few days as I was over in Gotenborg for the Half Marathon. (not running but shooting it). Over the 3 days of events I shot over 20,000 images of the runners. I don’t have the total figure for all the photographers there but well over 300,000 images were taken. And in a couple of weeks time it’s of to Stockholm for a full Marathon.


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