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Clew Bay Sunset

Here is your Scenic Sunday image.

Well this will be my last post for a few day as I’m off to Westport today to try and capture even more wonderful sunsets. The above image was taken on my last trip to Westport. This was taken at the Bartraw, White Strand Beach looking out over Clew Bay.

I was shooting straight into the setting sun at this location. However, waiting for the sun to set below the distant mountains, I was able to capture the above image with not too much difficulty.
Only one 3 stop ND Grad filter was used to balance the sky and the reflections in the foreground water. You can add this one to “My Classic Sunset” series, but maybe not that interesting?
What do you think?

I will have access to the Internet etc… (God Bless the iPhone), but as I already said no posts. Oh ye, just in case you are wondering, I will have photo’s of the Tiger Cubs next week for you after the Zoo go public with the news story and images. You know the proverb ” don’t count your chickens before they hatch”.

See you all next week and have a good one.



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Your Classic Sunset II

Here is your Skywatch Friday image.

OMG only one post since last friday.
I have being very busy with commercial work and the Zoo this week. Next week will be the same amount of posts as I will be away over in the West of Ireland until Thursday. I hope to get at least one image up of the Tiger cubs for sunday/monday.
Here is another one of “My Classic Sunsets”. It’s again from Oldhead , Westport. The location is the same as the last post with only a move to the right by a few feet.
Hope everyone has a good weekend and talk to you all again soon.
Oh yes, lets hope this wonderful weather we are having here in Ireland lasts another week.


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Mr Daddy Kepala

Here is your Watery Wednesday image.

I have being very busy of late and so no posts for the past couple of days.
If you have being following my blog lately you will have seen image of this fellow before. Well now we have to call him Mr Daddy Kepala as he is the proud daddy of two cubs.
I was down in the Zoo at the weekend to get photos of all the new babies and also the world record attempt for the biggest Teddy Bears Picnic with stands at over 34,000. Dublin Zoo hold that record already but the Teddy Bear Picnic was held in Zoo’s all over the world on Sunday last.
The Tiger cubs are too small and I would not disturb mother or the cubs with flash photography as they are still indoors. So you will have to wait until next week to see them. I will be taking the photos at the weekend and then they will be released to the public.


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Your Classic Sunset

Here is your SkyWatch image.

Well Ok not your normal classic sunset image, but it’s one of my sunset images in good old black and white. ( what else is there ? )
This shows Clew Bay and the Nephin Beg Range across the bay. It was taken from the beach at Old Head in Westport during a wonderful sunset.
I believe that Westport is my next trip away at the end of the month. I will be looking for a few more different locations along the wonderful coastline of Co Mayo to add to my collection. Sunsets like this one will not be available as its a different time of the year and the sun will be setting in a different position.


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Mist on Lough Cullin

Here is your Watery Wednesday image.
The above image was taken a good while ago when the Viewpoints team, Peter Cox, Carsten Krieger and myself get together for a few days. This time we were in Co Mayo. After a really early start to the day to catch sunrise, we decided that breakfast was in order. However, never one to miss a photo, we spotted this view above. Breakfast will just have to wait a bit longer today.
The fun we had trying to get into position. We had to walk through some bog land and we sank up to our knees. We also could not find solid ground to put the camera and tripods down. We were wet and the smell. Who cares a quick drive back to the B&B, shower and breakfast. Nice.


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Deleted Comments

SORRY fellow Bloggers as I Rejected some comments by mistake.

I have turned off comment moderation so that this will not happen again.

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Clogherhead Beach

Here is your My World Image.

I wish this was my world as I am in the middle of a couple of commercial shoots and if I see another cushion I will go mad.

This is Clogherhead Beach from Sunday. It was taken a few just before the Clogherhead Storm image below. You can just about see the start of the dark clouds in the top right of this image.

However I had a bit of good news today, I think Mr Kepala is a daddy. For those who don’t understand this just click and the link and you will understand who Mr Kepala is. I will keep you posted on this later during the week.


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