Bunduff Lough

Here is your Monochrome Maniacs image.

First up for you this week is an image of Bunduff Lought with Benbulbin and Tievebaun Mountains in the background.

The funny thing is that this was a image I can across will out very early one morning. I was over on the other side of Mullaghmore Head for a sunrise image on the coast ( more of this during the week ). Where I saw standing the light and clouds were not right for me. However I could see that the cloud front had broken up and the sunrise was shinning through to my left. A pack up and into the car and try and find a suitable location.

After a while and a couple of u-turns ( not a problem at 6 in the morning ) I can across this lake. All the conditions were right with the added bonus of the reflections of the clouds in the still lake. Benbulbin Mountains (on the right) had it’s top covered with some low clouds while Tievebaun Mountain was lit up with the sunrise.

In the end I was very pleased with the mornings work even if the image I was after did not happen, this one made up for it. There will always be another day, and in my case a few more sunrises to come.

As I said in the last post I will be posting some of the mistake made over this trip and lets hope you will learn something from them. Tomorrow will be the first of them, so stayed tuned.

14 replies to “Bunduff Lough

  1. THIS is the picture, my favourite this week. Stunning beautiful landscape :-)Send you a hug from Norway, because I liked it so much. Nice week.

  2. You have a talent for finding great light! The clouds are gorgeous and the texture of the grasses magnificent.

  3. Great image as usual. Always an adventure to get that shot. Found myself wishing for more country side roads looking for a grain elevator in line with an opening in the clouds as a storm was moving through. Did end up with an interesting funnel cloud, for a future post.BTW was at the Irish Fest this weekend, which had photos by Barry Hendrickson. Reminded me very much of your photos.Unfortunately also had my truck broken into while down there. Lost a bunch of camera gear, not to mention the smashed in window.

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