Lough Dan Again

Here is your Monochrome Weekly image.

For once I’m early today with my post. Weekend off what with Halloween.
I am still going through the images from the Lough Dan walk last Wednesday. The image above is down at the lake itself. You can continue along the path and walk around the complete lake or as we do we stop here and have our lunch. When the light is right you just have to go with it and in this case drop your sandwich and run. The sun came out and lit up the foreground while the right side bank of the river was still in shade. Again hand held with the Canon G10 compact camera.
What’s in store next week ?
Well back to normal with the teaching after the school holidays. I think I have a commercial job or two to do. I have to start the selection process for the images to print and frame for the Christmas Fair starting in December.
Hope you have a good week, and talk soon.

9 replies to “Lough Dan Again

  1. Excellent! Love the depth of field and clarity. That is one heck of a little camera you have there. Add your talent and…a winner.

  2. As ever, a great image, and I love your skies. G10 is a lovely little thing, and one of the few compacts with a direct viewfinder.

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