Black Castle Wicklow

We are now at the end of our Wicklow & Wexford Coastal journey with a photo of Black Castle which stands on a rocky promontory over the sea. We spent a god while here trying to find the best viewpoint and light.
This image above shows whats left of the castle to its best compared to the Google search images found on the Internet in my opinion. It’s taken further down the coast than normal along a cliff path. However the foreground interest leads your eye nicely into the image and to the final resting place of the castle itself. We had to wait for some people to move out of the shoot and for the sun to reappear from behind the clouds. This angle of morning light is used to light up the face of the cliff and castle which is again the reason for this viewpoint.
You can possibly get a better image of the castle walls in detail from the other side but would be shooting into the sun and the castle would be in complete shadow. A return visit at a different time in the year is on the cards.

5 replies to “Black Castle Wicklow

  1. I only comment occasionally, but I am impressed with your monochrome sea/landscapes. I think what makes them for me are the skies.

  2. Love this scenery, here. I am often struck by your patience to wait for people to move out of the scene. All too often it seems to me that when My fellow photographers and I set up, we attract people to stand in front of our viewpoint.

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