>Return to The Boyne


Meath and the East coast of Ireland have had 2 weeks of heavy snow fall and sub zero temperatures. Wonderful weather for photographers right? That’s if you can get outside your house. The roads are just crazy. Snow falls during the day and then -12 degrees at night and the next morning it’s an ice rink outside. This has being going on for days now.
Lucky I did manage to get out a couple of weeks ago before the heavy snow fall and got back to the Boyne River and get a few mores images. Full story and more images can be found over on my website : Link Here
You can see the greater volume of water in the Boyne as none of the foreground rocks are visible compared to the image in “A Boyne Diamond” post. By the time I got back up to the car my feet were numb. Thank god the fire was blazing when I got home. I broke my rule of backing up my memory cards first. This time I sat down in front of the fire until I got some feeling back in my toes. Not much to report on the dog front this time as I have the place to myself.
On a different note, I’m having great fun with another camera. This camera also can make and receive phone calls. Yes, I’m talking about the iPhone. I have two of them. Don’t ask. The original one and the new iPhone4. I know the camera is not the best or is it? I have put a website together using wordpress just for photo taken with the iPhone. It’s called iPhoneNeil and you can link to it here : iPhoneNeil website.

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