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River Loe in The Gap of Dunloe

River Loe in The Gap of Dunloe Co. Kerry

Thanks to over trousers and wellie i was able to get this image of the River Loe in The Gap of Dunloe without much trouble.

How ?

Well you can either try and walk over the slippery rocks and not manage to fall and break something or you can walk in the water with your wellie on. Me pick the easy option all the time. Taken on the same day as The Gap of Dunloe post but further on through the gap. I set the tripod up as low as possible to get the angle of the foreground rock leading you into the image. The rocks made a V-shape to complement the shape made by the mountains. With strong contrast to deal with, two grad filters were fitted to the lens to balance the exposure. Again most people and tourists stand on the bridge behind me and look down into the river. Not me. Always looking for a different angle than the norm.



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Bridia Valley

It sometimes rains in Ireland !

This was one of those rare occassions of rain in The Bridia Valley, Co. Kerry. I was on my way home from a couple  days shooting and meetings with Peter Cox and Roger Overall about the next Episode of The Circle of Confusion video series. We will hopefully filming in the location for the next video, well that’s the plan. I didn’t drive fully into the valley as the weather was not  looking great. I did manage to take a couple of images in-between the showers with a little break in the clouds over the background mountains. This is a wonderful location which needs some side lighting and a better composition closer to the valley to  really show it as its best.

Maybe next time.

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