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Best of 2011

A look back at my favorite images taken during 2011.

The Year 2011 will be remembered for a lot of negitive things that happened to the local and world ecomony which has had a bearing on my Photography. Sales are down but outlook is up and very much up. There has being a slight change in direction during the year after Peter Cox, Roger Overall and myself got together and filmed a pilot video under the banner of Circle of Confusion. This has now grown legs so to speak and we have formed our own Production company and released our first episode of The Dynamic Range – learn landscape photography.

Follow the Link below to the website news section for the complete story.


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Podcast No 12

The Circle of Confusion

Podcast No: 12

The Year is Dead, Long Live the Year !

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It’s Here

It’s Here!

It really is.

Episode 1 of ‘Dynamic Range’.

A different kind of tutorial

‘Dynamic Range’ is a breakaway from the traditional photography tutorial video. At its heart is our belief that education and entertainment make the strongest learning combination.

In this launch episode, you’ll get first-class instruction and a duel at dawn with tripods. No other tutorial video can offer you that.

In it, you can follow Peter and Neil as they explore the stunning landscape of the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. Along the way, you’ll learn how to improve your photography, both technically and artistically.

You’ll see how the shoots themselves unfold and get honest commentary on the resulting photographs – some of which are quite good; others not so much. You’ll see what worked and, importantly, what didn’t work. After all, we learn best from our mistakes.

Need your gear fix? We’ve got you covered.

There’s also a stranded car, a missing sound engineer, and some breathtaking scenery.

This hour-long, high definition episode will make you laugh and learn.


Podcast No 11

The Dynamic Range Launch.

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Dynamic Range Video Series

We are getting closer to the release of Dynamic Range Episode 1. A series of landscape photography educational videos for you to download.

More into can be found on the website


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