ClogherHead Sunrise

OK I did Tweet that I had planed to goto Port Head but things changed……

Looking at the weather sat feed in the morning showed a bank of cloud moving in which looked like no visible sunrise. Also with the tide neither in or out the location was going to lack an interesting composition. Clogherhead and Port Head being right beside each other was an easy choice to make. Also knowing the position of the sunrise on the compass made for an simple walk along the shoreline to a spot I was at a couple of weeks ago while out for a family walk. I even took am Instagram from the very same spot here.


Clogherhead Sunrise


The above image was taken after the sunrise but that didn’t matter and the clouds on the horizon but a stop having any visible light shine on the foregrounds rocks so I changed the composition slightly and used the rocks as a lead-in to the image. I also darkened down the shadows to give a little extra mood to the image.


Camera setup for Clogherhead Image.


I have also included an AudioBoo form the location below and a iPhone snap of my camera setup above. You can see the LCD viewfinder, Bubble level, Geared head and ND grad filters. I had to use a 0.9 and 0.6 ND Grad together to give 5 stops of exposure to help stop blowing out the  bright highlights in the sky.

I will be embedding a quick 1-2mins AudioBoo with all images posted from now on just to give you a little extra info so you can listen to while to view the image.


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