Episode 2 filming of Dynamic Range

Back a week now form filming Episode 2 of Dynamic Range with Peter Cox and Roger Overall, and only catching up with email and all the other social media networks. If you are following me on Twitter (@mononeil) you will know the weather didn’t play ball compared to the pre-production trip we made.

Here are  a couple of iPhone images from behind the scenes:

The boot of my Car


The Sound Guy Prayer


A rear view.


Peter's and my camera positions


We were up at 5 every day to get a sunrise or even a moon set image. However all we could do was sit and wait in the car for hours with nothing to show for it. On the up side we did manage to get an image of the moon on the first day shooting the sunset from Oldhead. Not planned but what a great bonus.

We got back to the B&B every evening around 7:30. Dump the camera gear and head out for dinner. Back to the B&B to review the days footage and more importantly to backup all the CF cards to four separate locations ( to be sure to be sure ).

Between the wind and the rain we did manage to get some interesting images, maybe not the ones we planned but we did what we had to do and change focus. What we ended up with will make for a very interesting episode.

You can find out more about the filming and what we got up to over on the Circle of Confusion Blog 


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