Neil’s Waterfall

We are in the stages of editing the footage for Episode 2 of Dynamic Range. Part of this, Peter and myself have to process our images so we can put them in the film and explain who we got them.



The image above was taken from the location shown in the previous post of the tripods in the river.

I had to stand in the water for close to a hour at a time while we were filming and I was glad I had me wellies on.

It was one of the rare times that the sun shined and the clouds parted to show a blue sky. The rest of the crew still don’t know how I managed to captured this event. Luck or good timing. I ran over to the camera while they were looking at footage but don’t tell them.

This final image is a blend of two images. A first for me. It’s not exposure blending or HDR  of the images. I did not see the small rain drops on the front filter until after I took the shot. After I cleaned the filter I took another image but the clouds had moved and the blue sky gone. I used this image and only the small section to mask out  the rain drop to produce the final colour image before it went on to the Mononeil Process.

I will be posting more of the image over the coming weeks and Episode 2 of Dynamic Range will be available on 20th April. You can pre-order and receive Episode 0 The Pilot  free. Go to Dynamic

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