What’s in the Bag now

new fuji


I’m back after a couple years away from photography due to a number of reasons, family, artistic and health. But now things have changed and for the better.

I traded in all my Canon gear and got myself the Fuji X-T20 with a XF 14mm F2.8 R lens and that’s it. No big backpack, no tripod and even no filters.  I needed a change and a challenge and I can safely say you couldn’t get much more different than what I did. However that change in equipment still hasn’t changed “My Style” of photography.

The hint is in the title “blackandwhite.ie”. I’m still producing Black & White Landscapes from Ireland and that will never change. I might go back to using a tripod but at the moment I’m enjoying the freedom of movement without having to carry around all the camera gear. All I have to do now is pull the camera out from a pocket in my jacket and shoot.

I hope you will enjoy the images and stories behind them  in the blog post that follow……..


2 replies to “What’s in the Bag now

  1. I’ve gone all Fujifilm for awhile now too. I missed my 24mm tse on FF though. Understandably with family and other things landscape photography become ever so difficult. I’m doing 3 weeks in China with a X-E3 with 16mm (24mm) for my Canon sins!

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