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Old Head, Co.Mayo

Westport was the location for filming of Episode 2 of Dynamic Range video series. The first day’s filming was from Old Head, Westport, Co Mayo. Using the famous Croagh Patrick Mountain as our bacground.

Old Head, Sunset, Co Mayo

During the filming of the introduction it started to rain and the clouds started to roll in thus putting an end to the planned sunset image. However, all was not lost and the clouds did break and the resulting image above was taken. Using the clouds to aid the composition and draw the viewer into the image is what makes this image.  The long shutter speed has added drama to the waves.

You can find out more about the resulting image on the video which can be purchased from Dynamic Range Website


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Black & White Conversions in Lightroom

Click on the title to link to movie tutorial from LightroomNews posted by Martin Evening.

“Do you want to know how to get the best black and white conversions out of Lightroom? This short movie tutorial on Lightroom black and white conversions starts with a few basic tips on how to use the Auto-Adjust Grascale button in conjunction with the White Balance sliders. I then show how to use the target adjustment tool in the Grayscale panel to pick the areas of a photograph that you wish to lighten or darken. Finally, I demonstrate how to desaturate the colors via the HSL panel and achieve a grayscale conversion. The main advantage of using this method is that you can usually achieve smoother looking tones and dark, contrasty skies that are almost completely noise-free.”

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