Ramparts Navan

Here is your Monochrome Week image.

Global Warming ( it’s bloody freezing here in Ireland ). This clod snap as they are calling it has being going on for 2 weeks now. The temp went down below -10 last night and the pipes in the attic are frozen.

Ok, some other countries are having even colder weather, but there in Ireland we are not use to this cold and snow & ice.
The image above is The Ramparts in Navan, Co Meath. Another one from our New Years Day walk along the River Boyne. As you can see the river is frozen in parts. Mind you I say it’s completely frozen now. I must try and get down there again on Sunday as it forecast for more snow and freezing temperatures of -8 tonight.
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5 replies to “Ramparts Navan

  1. Oh, yes – it is bloody freezing here in Norway to ;)But this picture really warms me up! What a lovely place – and perfectly captured! I love it!Have a great weekend.

  2. Aye, the Highlands are the same. I can't even get out to photograph these incredible snowscapes. 😦 I'm glad you can and look forward to more beautiful shots like this. Lizzy 🙂

  3. Sorry guys, but here in Sydney it is going to be 33C today, the sky is blue and there is a light nor-easter blowing. In a word, perfect. But we promise to give it back to you in,say, April/May.I love the ancient black of this rampart, Neil. I am guessing that to be a mould which will survive just about anything. Love the solid of the rampart compared with the fragility of the bare branches.

  4. Here in Minnesota, we have a heat wave, today the temps rose to -2 C! Global warming, ha! Photography is difficult with temps colder than this. It saps energy from the batteries. But our camera sensors love the cold; noise levels are diminished with colder sensors. Just trying to remain positive until spring.

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