>Lehanbeg Pier.


Here is one of the first images taken form the Friday’s evening shooting location, Lehanbeg Pier, Beara, Co Cork. The bad weather I was talking about in the previous post was clearing eastwards. We didn’t get the full intensity of the setting sun due mainly to the low cover mist and fog which was to our benefit as we are shooting directly into the setting sun just out of the photo to the right. Long shutter speeds and a couple of ND Grad filters made for interesting effects on the water as it crashed over the sides of the pier walkway. The composition is helped by the mirroring angles of the foreground rocks and the pier itself. We came back to this location a couple of hours later and the water level had dropped by about 3 meters so it was safe to walk all the way out the the end of the pier.


Filed under Landscape - coastline

3 responses to “>Lehanbeg Pier.

  1. >Beautiful! Love your deep black color.

  2. >Looks surreal. Stunning.

  3. >Lovely shot – I can just feel the atmosphere.

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