Annagassan Sunrise

This image was taken a couple of years ago but only last week did I process the RAW file into something I liked.


Annagassan Sunrise.


Why ?

The answer to that question can be found the the Circle of Confusion Podcast No 15.

New Raw programs are getting better at processing the files to bring out more detail in the shadows and highlight areas. This was one such image.

I was going back through my old files to load a few into a new library to test Lightroom 4 Beta. I never use a Beta program on my master files just in case. You never know.

Taken one morning on the east coast of Ireland in a place called Annagassan which is between Drogheda and Dundalk Co Louth. The problem with this image is shooting into the very bright sun. The camera sensor was not able to capture the large dynamic range in the scene ( Dynamic range explained here ). Even with the use of a couple of ND Grad filters I was still not happy with the final image.

That has changed a bit when I opened the image in Lightroom 4. I was able to bring out the detail in the shadow in the foreground and keep the highlight from blowing out. I am really starting to like this image. I like the way the light hits the water and the rocks in the foreground. It also has a nice calming mood to the image.




2 replies to “Annagassan Sunrise

  1. I am amazed by this image. I understand the process and use of ND filters, but typically we are confronted with compromises and trade-offs – brights for darks. I am looking forward to when Lightroom 4 becomes real time. I am curious, have you or do you use filter programs such as Topaz of Nik? I would like to bring out more of the tones, just not certain about the software approach.

  2. Hiya Rob,

    No I don’t use any of those programs. I have tried but they don’t fit into my workflow. I use PS Dodge & Burn Tool on the highlights and shadows like with film to slowly build the image the way I see it.

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